Horses for Sale/Lease

Horses for Lease

Would you like to ride more? We have great, safe, fun horses that you can lease to show, improve your ring or groundwork, trail ride, endurance/competitive trail, hunter pace, foxhunt, or do obstacles with. 

Whether it's an hour, weekly, a month or months that you'd like to lease, we may have a horse for you!

Horses for Lease

Lady - for Lease. Lady is a 7 yo Belgian Draft Cross mare. We take Lady to many hunterpaces, on trailrides and do flatwork with her. Lady foxhunts third field and is a very good girl. Lady is starting to learn to drive as well. People often think that all draft crosses are lazy and slow - not this mare. She is a competitor and has a lot of energy, stamina and endurance. She is a little horse in a big body! Placed second in 15 mile Competitive Trail (endurance) event and is a 10 mile Hunter Pace Champion,