Key Information

Safety First! Required attire for lessons

Safety is our first priority at CNY Horse Training!

For this reason, it is required that students have

  1. A well-fitting ASTM/SEI Certified helmet made for horseback riding. 
  2. Boots with a heel. 

I highly recommend going to a local tack store to get fit for a helmet correctly the first time.

Hope Hill Tack store is the closest tack store to the CNY Horse Training location. 

Another option is to buy a helmet online. Stateline Tack is one example online store. Some have cheaper options, some have free return shipping. Call, text, e-mail or Facebook message us if any help needed. 

The boots do not need to be specially made/marketed for riding as long as they have a similar heel and thick leather to protect the toe.

One of many examples of a riding helmet here. One of many exmples of riding boots here.

Have a great ride!


Some additional resources

Video on how to fit a helmet correctly


What to Expect your first lesson(s)

Additional Information for your first lesson(s)

CNY Horse Training lessons involve more than just riding. Much of your lesson will be spent learning how to improve your riding skills of course, but for those new to horses, we will spend some time initially on activities off the horse. This will include (1) safe and correct horse handling by riders and anyone who may come with them to a lesson (2) learning about tack (saddles and bridles) and safety related to tack (3) Grooming/brushing the horse prior to riding, not only for a beautiful horse, but also for safety. 

Note that the horses and tack are always checked by instructors to be in good shape prior to any lessons. We have students reapeat/learn to perform these steps as we feel these are critical skills for all students to learn.